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[Chiny]Young tailor numerical control cutter


The portable numerical control cutter and the Dragon Gate type large-scale numerical control cutter is same, can cut wilfully the complex plane figure, suits the flame/plasma to cut; With semiautomatic cuts the car same convenience to be nimble,moving, does not occupy the fixed location at will.?
The equipment uses the specialized labor control, performs the compact reasonable structural design enable it to have the weight lightly, the volume migration characteristic and so on is small, is advantageous for, suits inside and outside the room, especially suits the small and medium-sized enterprise, may enhance the production efficiency, reduces two times of processings, reduces the production cost. The engine case is the all steel antimagnetic organization; Guarantees the numerical control system the reliable stable movement.?
Also may like the semiautomatic car equally manual to cut, also may automatic gas cutting.
The advanced computer numerical control technology, will program, the numerical control fission design. Reduces the equipment failure rate and the maintenance difficulty.
But widely applies to profession and so on automobile, shipbuilding, railroad car, petroleum chemical industry, aerospace, boiler pressure vessel, project machinery, light industry machinery, decoration and large-scale product label manufacture, suits the carbon steel (fire eye to cut), the stainless steel as well as the copper, the aluminum (plasma cuts) and so on metal plate cutting with the yummy treats. This equipment is the substitution grasps the type flame to cut the equipment, to grasp the type plasma to cut the installment, the profiling cutter as well as semiautomatic cuts the car to turn to a new generation the product.

Numerical control system

Model: The Honeybee2005LCD performance showed that,
1st, monitor: 5.7 liquid crystal displays;
2nd, keyboard: Thin film pressed key;
3rd, supports the USB connection, supports the U plate transmission document; 4th, 2 axes straight lines and the circular arc insert makes up;
5th, in the support processing suspends, the advance, the backlash, the velocity modulation.
The programming jacking begins easily

Uses the interactive conversational mode, the graph data automaticswitching, does not need the artificial compilation code: Plan detail drawing takes out, the wrap Auto the CAD arranges, after chooses the appropriate programming the direct production to cut needs the G code document, saves to the U plate in, then U the plate insertion numerical control cutter USB jack, the document automatic transmission already may cut.
File transfer convenience nimble: Supports USB and the RS232 connection, may match meets on the palm the computer wireless transmission procedure document.


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